5 Tasty treats to get you through lockdown 2.0

  1. We are offering a few tasty takeaway treats to tie you over. Not only are we still serving up your favourite coffee and fresh super fruit smoothies, but five killer bites- perfect for takeaway. 
  2. The first thing no one should be forced to live without is our snickers cake. Famed by the influencers, loved by vegan, paleo and carnivores alike, our Snickers cake is the ultimate indulgence with not one ounce of guilt. Made with wholesome and natural plant-based ingredients right here on-site, this cake is there for you when you need that     chocolate indulgence during another day of quarantine
  3. Chai Latte - let your problems melt away in the delicious warmth of this drink. Made in-house with the perfect mix of flavourful spices- cinnamon, clove, star anise, peppercorn and ginger. It’s the perfect hot drink for those long cold days we know all too well in Berlin.
  4. Acai Bowls- our takeaway acai pots are the perfect brekky to takeaway or snack on the go. This superfruit will boost your body’s immune function with record levels of antioxidants; finished with cacao beans for energy, coconut flakes and peanut butter for protein
  5. Quesadillas- This old favourite with a special Funk You twist is ready to spice up your day when pot-noodles and pasta are no longer hitting the spot. Made once again with all natural plant-based ingredients, our quesadillas pack a big punch of flavour, with less of those bad fats and more nutrition for another day on the couch, at home office or wandering the park.
    1. 5. One more item that we are going to sneakily add on to the end of our fun little Funk You list, that being the most important-  is self love. As we are headlong into another lock-down and another period of instability, as well as all the psychological, social and emotional repercussions we know that come with it, here is just a friendly reminder to be kind to yourself.  Do one small and conscious thing everyday to bring a little joy and light into your life. Maybe a nice walk, binging a fourth time on your favourite movie, or eating your favourite ice-cream with nothing but gratitude instead of guilt.  For us at funk You, it’s that very first coffee in the morning, made with love and freshly ground single origin coffee beans.  


      We hope you stay safe (and sane) and are earnestly looking forward to more times together again very soon.