It all began with Alejo and Susanne:

Oct 31

A one-on-one with the FY owners and creators.


It all began with Alejo and Susanne:

Where did it all begin? 

 Only 12 years of age and diagnosed with Hodgkins Cancer, Alejo used Colombian  Super-fruits known for their anti-carcinogenic effects, alongside chemotherapy to successfully fight the disease. 

“This forever altered the direction of my life from a young age battling such a life-threatening illness”.

From university in Colombia to working in restaurants in London, Alejo saw an incredible opportunity to share his love and passion for the foods and ideas that saved and shaped his life

“I fell in love with the idea of expressing my culture through sharing food experience in a restaurant concept.”

 From London to France…

The Next Stop on the journey was France, where Alejandro opened his own juicebar Mango, in Nantes, North-West France. Influenced by the French Nouvelle Cuisine and mentored by renowned food consultant Giles Choukroun, Mango quickly became a name in the region as he experimented with these competing culinary and cultural influences.

To Berlin


“Being from Bogotá, a city of 12 Million inhabitants…. Nantes quickly became too small and after a few visits to Berlin, I fell in love with the city…. the move was inevitable.”

It is here we are then introduced to the other main actor in this story, Susanne. The two met at a summer festival at the Baltic Sea. And, later in their travels through Western Europe Susanne was introduced to Alejandro’s success story, Mango. Inspired by this concept Susanne sat down to write the business plan for Funk You all whilst still at University 

“I got excited to bring the healthy lifestyle to Berlin”

So why Berlin?

For Susanne eine echte Berlinerin, it was clear …

I saw a lot of opportunity in Berlin.  In Funk You I wanted to create a space where it’s possible to meet people from different backgrounds and connect through a healthy lifestyle”


For Alejo, who is very active with Boxing, Jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, Ultimate Frisbee, to name just a few, this active and adventurous lifestyle is rooted in to the very fabric of the city of Berlin…

“I like the simplicity of this city. It’s a very energetic, dynamic and open-minded city. There is lots of time and space to do sports and plenty of beautiful parks.”


Where active lifestyles meet healthy and tasty food, there is a lot to get excited about…


When it comes to food for Susanne garden-to-table is what it’s all about

“While staying in the Ecuatorian jungle, we went to pick the food for a whole meal in the garden. I love food markets, and this garden was like a market, it had everything, from mushrooms, vegetables, yucca, fruits and sugar cane. What impressed me about the garden was that it didn’t look “organized”. It was very much an extension of the jungle and looked like the jungle. You could not only find plants to eat and self sustain, but also dozens of plants with healing properties for any problem”

So where to from here??


Well, with a mantra like Alejo’s …

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

… the world is full of possibilities.  


Susanne, constantly excited by change and new beginnings finds a wonderful outlet with the FY space…

“In Funk You I get the opportunity to constantly create new spaces and new products. It gives a lot of room for ongoing new creations. I love to travel and learn new skills. I also love to move and to connect with nature. I develop new ideas and projects best when moving.”


 For Alejo and Susanne, both on a crazy adventure, from Colombia, to Nantes, Berlin and back again-  it’s about creating an ever-evolving space, bringing healthy lifestyles and good vibes to the streets of this dynamic Berlin city.