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Located in the heart of the Colombian mountains, the retreat offers a special and conducive atmosphere for you to renew your connection with mother nature.
We work with some of the most powerful healers, who are very experienced, gentle, caring, and deeply dedicated to healing and embodying the wisdom and sincerity of their people. Their healing tradition offers an ancient yet pioneering path to health, re-discovering our true nature and re-awakening to our true purpose.

we offer three different healing ceremonies for the price of for1370€ on the span of 4 nights in our retreat, we also welcome groups of 6-9 people

our all-inclusive shamanic healing package :

flights from Germany to Bogota-Colombia and back + airport pickup 

eat + drink : the package includes homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner,


our rooms and location

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our ceremonies:


what is rapé?

Pronounced “ha-peh” or “rapay”, Rapé is a fine, ground-up shamanic snuff. 
It contains Nicotiana Rustica, a type of tobacco also known as mapacho. It’s different from the tobacco used in cigarettes, which is Nicotiana Tabacum.
Although it contains tobacco, you don’t want to smoke Rapé. Instead, it’s administered into your nose.
You don’t want to smoke it because it also contains other medicinal and sacred plants, including parts from tree bark, leaves, seeds, and various plants. Once collected, the components become pulverized with a pestle, and strained through a mesh.
The result is a fine, light-colored powder. Different combinations of plants provide different uses and effects, and the exact recipe is often kept secret by the shaman. 


For traditional Amazonian tribespeople, sananga is a powerful and potent eye medicine used to sharpen night vision. For modern seekers of spiritual healing, however, sananga does more than help with hunting. Often used as a precursor to ayahuasca ceremonies.

 these powerful eye drops have a healing power that’s more energetic than physical, and that has the capacity to increase spiritual insight in the minds of those who use it.

Benefits of Sananga

Sananga is still used by many tribes in the heart of the Amazon, but its benefits are reaching the rest of the world as these tribes open up ceremonies to outsiders and train those who are interested in the administration of the eye drops. Used either in conjunction with ayahuasca or as a stand-alone treatment, sananga shows powerful potential to treat a spectrum of physical and psychospiritual illnesses:

Treats and prevents ocular diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and blindness
Detoxifies the body
Increases visual perception and enhances colors
Clears long-standing inner anger
Used in conjunction, helps with mental disorders such as addiction, depression, and anxiety
Resets energetic field
Treats spiritual diseases (“panema”) caused by negative energies in the body. These spiritual diseases can accumulate in a person’s energetic body and make a person depressed and anxious.


    Kambo is a substance that comes from frog secretion, and for many indigenous cultures in the Amazon, this purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is very important. Known in Portuguese as the “vaccine of the forest,” it has also gained renown outside of the Amazon as a powerful treatment for chronic pain and drug dependence.
    Benefits of Kambo
    Research conducted since the 1980s has shown the chemical makeup of kambo to contain short chains of amino acids, known as peptides, that affect gastrointestinal muscles and blood circulation as well as stimulate the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland in the brain. While there are no clinical studies that definitively back up kambo’s efficacy, the properties of kambo peptides suggest it may be a promising treatment for the following conditions:
    Blood circulation problems
    Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
    Vascular insufficiency
    Organ diseases
    Fertility problems
    Deeply rooted toxins
    Chronic pain
    Addiction to opiate or prescription painkillers (Kambo reduces physical pain, thus helping people kick their addictions to other painkillers)
    Fever and infections
    Negative energies (“panema”)

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