Que Viva La Musica

Music for us is the continuous palpitation of the universe, the daily harmony in everyone’s life. And from the very first moment in the store, you can sense how important music is within the very lifeblood of Funk You- even the name itself gives it away! Follow us as we have a look into the tunes that get us up and moving, and show off our very own Funk You Radio mixes. 

In Colombia, where the Co-Founder Alejo was born, music is like coffee in the morning to get you up and going. It is everywhere- inside the busses, taxis, the many street businesses and flowing through the veins of the whole city.  Journey to Berlin, and the opening of Funk You – Natural Food saw the coming together of a wide range of musical input, from our customers as well as our own Funk You family.  Ranging from those who are in the music industry, producers, sound engineers, DJs, artists, rappers, music professors and music journalists, to those who are just like our owners- passionate about the beauty and power of music in day-to-day life.  

The Funk You team has people who have worked in the famous London Jazz Café, those who produce their own music, and others who specialize as sound engineers in Berlin. Rijk, our very own barista extraordinaire, cross Sound Designer, spearheaded Funk You radio, discovering new exciting artists every week for the ever-expanding Funk You sound.  It’s about trying to bring together music from all places, all vibes, to enjoy together- from Colombian Cumbia, old Salsa tunes, Brazilian Beats, to the inspirations of house, techno, hip and trip hop, and Electronic Avant-garde pop.

Rijk sums it up nicely…..


Just like food, we believe music is a wonderful way to bring together wide-ranging cultures and create fresh exciting new experiences.  Creating a sound that resonates with the uniqueness of a city like Berlin, and the special people who inhabit it, is just one part of a the whole Funk You experience. 

Listen to Funk You Radio on Spotify here