Berlin’s Superfood Community and Europe’s First Juice Contest

Parallel to the “Grüne Woche” in Berlin, we were launching our own market with vendors of superfoods accompanied by Europe’s first Juice Barista Contest in Berlin’s innovative concept shopping mall Bikini Berlin. It was a creative space of sharing and growing a community around superfoods and healthy lifestyle.


Like at our first Superfood Event we invited Yoursuperfoods who recently moved from Amsterdam to Berlin. Their Smoothies are a real eyecandy and they surely are experts when it comes to superfoods.


Bringing the art of Smoothie making to the audience, showing the creative process that stands behind mixing fruit and superfoods to make the best smoothie was the aim of the Juice Barista contest. Our three judges were evaluating flavor, texture, color as well as the Baristas’s creativity of giving a name to their smoothie.


The contestants were mixing three smoothies in the categories detox, power smoothie and signature drink. Laura from Tausendsuend, former pastry chef at Soho House Berlin impressed with bringing high quality ingredients like fresh tumeric and mixing coriander in her green detox juice, which she called “Popeye’s favorite”. Making smoothies with super healthy ingredients without them tasting healthy but instead delicious was the real challenge.


The biggest surprise were Lov Organic who created smoothies on a tea base. We are not big fans of using water as a base for smoothies but prefer almond milk, coconut water or fresh squeezed orange juice instead. The Lov Organic Tea Smoothies opened a new concept of smoothies and got real good feedback from the audience and our trained Juicers at Funk You – Natural Food, who loved it.


The Superfood Market turned out to be really diverse with an icelandic concept of aetheric oils, raw organic liquorice from Lakrids by Johan Bülow, Beef Bone Broth from Bone Brox, who call it the original superfood and have slogans like “We killed the green juice”. Plus the obligatory cocoa, that is an all time favorite superfood. It was Beni Tonka with his direct trade cocoa from Trinidad that is in many ways different. This cocoa doesn’t come from a plantation but from wild cocoa instead. With its low oil content we found it really good to use in drinks. Get the recipe of Beni Tonka’s Superfood Smoothie here.


The perfect round up of our Superfood Market were the swedish Salming Running shoes with their line called Natural Running. Super light shoes inspired by the barefoot running movement.


All photo credits go to Meredith Braden Design.