The clean way of living is for us the most important value in our business. We began over 15 years ago (11 in Berlin) promoting a menu based on the wonders of Superfoods. It has been great to see how, from humble beginnings, we have been inspiring and pushing this phenomenon further within the city.

Our food is basic and simple, healthy, but full of vibrant south American flavour. From smoothies and quesadillas to cakes and desserts, this revolution in healthy food is inspired by the merging of Latin-US relations and a drive for fun new flavours.
Let us launch a guerilla attack on your senses with our flavourful combinations and hard-hitting, highly nutritious Superfood specialities.

Low in sugar

Here at Funk You we believe that nature is sweet enough. All our cakes, slices, smoothies, energy balls, and breakfast bowls are made using only the sugar the comes from natural ingredients. As such, you won’t find any un- necessary sugary additives or syrups, allowing you to enjoy our treats guilt-free.

Heart healthy

Heart healthy for Funk You doesn’t mean no fat, it means good fats. Utilising the power of natural plant-based ingredients, from our sweet to savoury dishes, its about loving the foods and doing good for your body at the same time. Who says you cant have your cake and eat it too?
Healthy food - Healthy life - Healthy food - Healthy life - Healthy life - Healthy food - Healthy life

Why Plant base

Why Plant based? Why not? Plant-based food is not only better for the body and the planet, but as seen from the menu items on offer at Funk You , offers a rich variety of flavour sensations. So whether you’re concerned about your cholesterol, immune system and overall health, your personal carbon footprint, or just want fresh fun flavour combos to spice up your day... Funk You has you covered.


Funk You was ahead of the curve in Berlin when it comes to utilising the power of superfoods. Favourites like the Acai bowl and smoothies with Guava, Maracuja, and Papaya are filled to the brim with antioxidants, which is proven to fight free radicals and improve immune health.